.....this week I got married. We were friends from 6th form, and got together 10 years later when we both lived in London. He went to school with all my closest girlfriends. They thought it was weird when we got together as they'd always known him as the naughty boy from school! Here are some pictures from our wedding. I haven't looked at them for a while so it was nice for me (and indulgent) to go back through them looking at all the happy faces and see the fun we and everyone else had. It was a good wedding, and an awesome party! We got married at the Old Market in Brighton which unfortunately isn't used as a venue any more, such a shame, it is a lovely place and far removed from all the soulless hotels there are around brighton. We had the whole she-bang there, marriage and reception. My dress was by David Fielden and I L O V E D it...in fact I'm thinking about digging it out and flouncing around in it just to do the washing up or something. I need to find a reason to wear it again...such a waste for just one day. Someone I know had theirs cut up into a christening gown for their baby..and while I think that's a nice idea and a good way to use it, we didn't get married in church and so definitely won't be getting Stanley christened! I do love a good wedding, so much fun!

my very naughty uncle, and my dad laughing his socks off

All photos (apart from the second one) were taken by Neil Walker. A great photographer and a lovely guy.


  1. Aw happy anniversary! Your dress is stunning! I'm getting so excited about getting married now seeing lots of people having anniversaries recently! We went to visit a venue today and I think it might be the place, very exciting! Hopefully have it in September too, my favourite month! (only a few weeks til you visit, so excited!)

  2. Wow, what a great dress... you all look so happy! Happy anniversary...

  3. omg your dress is amazing! What lovely pics, congrats on your anniversary! x

  4. Happy Anniversary Sarah. Lovely lovely photographs! very different to our extremely snowy wedding 2.5 years ago! :) You've just prompted me to relive our wedding too not having looked at all the snaps in such a long time.
    Your colourful cakes and desserts look amazing!! xx

  5. Awww! Happy Anniversary! Looks like a beautiful day, and that dress.... oh my!

  6. These pictures are absolutely stunning. Willy and I just celebrated our 3 year too... I've been sitting on a post for days now but have yet to get around to posting the dang thing! Do you mind me saying that your arse looks phenomenal in that second photo ;) The dress and fabric are so flattering. Also, I hate that I never get to wear my wedding dress. I've suggested in the past that us ladies have a bridal party where we all wear our wedding dresses and get sloppy together. ha! You can come to my party, when I have it ;) xo

    1. I never mind a compliment to my arse, so thank you!
      Congrats on your 3 years too...oh and the wedding dress party sounds good, I'll be over. Just as soon as I've saved up enough money for the flight ;)


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