Things seem better this time around. Perhaps I've chilled out a bit without really meaning too, and maybe all the conversations with this lady and her little Hooper have helped me feel more sane! On the whole Stanley seems to be eating a bit more, and in one sitting. Hoorah! He is understanding the phrase "all done" and he now uses it himself when he's finished. He's pretty clear that he is in fact most definitely all done, if I even try to put another spoonful his way his little face screws up in disgust! This is fine by me, by no means do I want this to become a future battleground, so when he says enough, I just stop. If I think he's proabbly eaten enough and is not being picky I offer him pudding - some fruit, a sweet rice cake or a yogurt. If I think he's being difficult then no pudding is offered.
He is trier though I'll give him that. This week he decided he was into olives and radishes since myself and Ben were eating them for lunch and he wanted them too. So that is good, he is never put off from a first taste and I've realised that something may take at least 4 goes before it is fully accepted. I am only giving him things I'd be happy to eat after so I don't have a complete melt down over food wastage.

cucumber, fish fingers, courgette polpettes (has never eaten them...)

roasted tomato and veg pasta with orzo (he eats this pasta, but not rice???!!!)

pancakes with raspberries - he at last likes pancakes!

soya burger with cheese, veggie fingers and corn on the cob

beans, scrambled egg and toast (note the toast is untouched)

lentils in a tomato sauce with peas

sweet potato cakes, humous and peas

home made pizza with tomato, pesto and cheese

So a few other things...he refuses to wear a bib, always needs a toy with him at the table (eating is just sooooo very boring by itself, right?!) he also normally needs to feed the toy or car some of his food and almost always stands up at some point in between mouthfulls. He also exclaimed this week when I pointed to his peas (I point to everything on his plate and say what it is so he is not suspicious) "I like peas!", I was like, oh good!

Hope all of you that are having fun with your picky eaters had a good week. As always feel free to share tips, recipes, woes here in the comment section or link back your site! Happy feeding everyone!

♥ S & s


  1. That wasn't a helpful comment at all, but still, I want pizza.

  2. I love these!! Stanley is doing good :) Indi is still hit & miss but she eats the same as the older two now as she will not be left out of the party! Tonight she wolfed down a veggie Egyptian soup - jam packed with veg & bulgar wheat so I was very happy!!

  3. I swear our boys are twin eaters. Hooper has to have a toy with him too. It's a great distraction, most of the time. He likes to have his cars at the table, as of late. I'm totally going to try the sweet potato cakes. I think he may go for it. Glad to hear Stanley is eating better. I would say the same for Hooper, but the last two days have been horrible. Aside from those days, I thought we were making some major improvements. To be continued. Also, Hooper won't eat pancakes either. Glad to see Stanley changed his mind about them, they're so yummy. Oh these boys...

  4. Looks so yummy! Would you please be able to post the recipe for the orzo pasta thing? My sauce never looks so thick and delicious!

  5. I've just had a little sit down with a cuppa and have read your blog whilst my little one naps, it's lovely! I too have a picky eater, generally he'll eat everything but not every day and not every meal, luckily he'll try most things. Some lovely recipe ideas here, look forward to trying some. Oh and how ever cute is Stanley!

    1. Thank you for using up that oh so precious nap time reading my blog! Mine is defintely getting better and I think I worry more than is necessary!


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