Of the ginger, honey and lemon kind. I'm sick. I feel like I've had this cold for ages. It's the horrid kind where you really have to continually breathe through your mouth, eating is boring. I can't taste a thing, but yet craving sweet food and really salty and spicy food too, even though I'm not enjoying any of it. I know woe is me hey?! I'm so behind on everything, but mainly illustration work, and it's frustrating because I have some lovely things to be getting on with. Stanley has been really poorly too, all last week a hacking cough, a cold, high temperature and the pleasant stuff that is diarrhoea. We have enjoyed a lot of 'uddles' which are always nice even for all the wrong reasons. He's not wanted any food at all and only now eating a few bits so I'm worried that I'm now on set back having made some eating progress.

For now though I'm on a tea kick using the below ingredients. Ok so it's not rocket science but I thought I'd show you the cordial I love as it delivers a really good ginger hit but also a little sweetness too. I'm adding extra ginger beacause hey I love it and I reckon it can only do me good. If you're not into honey any sweetener would do, but I like honey and even better actually know the beekeeper!

I loathe all those medicine powdered lemon things, they taste gross to me and I feel they aren't doing me any good beacuse they don't taste real...anyway maybe that's just me but I prefer my homemade tea blend. Anyone else out there got any good fix up drinks, meals or tips?


  1. Ugh I feel your pain! We've been exactly the same over here too, it's just so hard to shake these cold isn't it?! Hope you feel better soon! X

  2. Hi Sarah, I'm in exactly the same boat as you this week! I've been grotty for days now and its miserable, particularly when eating seems like no fun at all. I've been trying to 'feed the cold' this week too with lots of home cooked soups (too many takeaways lately has made me slugglish) gratins, savoury crumbles and drinks.

    This morning I blended a punnet of blackberries and a banana with some mint leaves and a pint of cold mint tea and half a lemon which I'd brewed over night. The vitamin c kick did really make a difference this morning. I'm on the lemon and ginger brew now too and later I'm going to have a mug of my mum's homemade elderberry cough syrup (i can send you the recipe for this if you ever get hold of the berries to make it!) which is great for sore throats with hot water and lemon. Its brewed with a lot of cloves which I think are quite medicinal too.

    Anyway, if I find any other good cures this week, I'll let you know! x

    1. ALL of that sounds quite amazing! Please come over here and cook for me! Cloves is a good shout...might do that later too, good tip.... Your Mum's cough syrup sounds incredible! How lucky to have a handy recipe like that. If I can get elderberries I'd love the recipe, thank you.
      Hopefully we will all be well soon!


  3. I have no remedies, only sympathy. Feel better :) xo

  4. I love ginger/honey/lemon tea! That ginger cordial looks great, where's it from? Hope you feel better soon :)


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