My birthday is actually tomorrow, Monday, but seeing that it is a Monday and actually I and Ben have to work we decided to do a little something nice over the weekend instead. We were due to go camping with friends but their little one was poorly so we decided a cold night in a tent would be no fun at all.... So last minute we decided just to take a drive 5 minutes to Devils Dyke for a walk. We are super lucky that where we live we have the sea below us and the Sussex Downs behind us, all within a very short reach. The weather was perfect for a walk, not too hot and no rain. Stanley enjoys being in his back pack so off we set with the promise of a cream tea at Saddlescombe Farm!
the start to our walk 
beautiful wild flowers

hiker's rest

amazing cream tea for two

friendly chickens

sleepy sheep

Stanley's first cupcake all to himself (although he didn't want much more than the frosting!)

on our way back

perfect english countryside

countryside catalogue poses!!!

So then Monday I turn 34. THIRTY FOUR!!! How did I get to be so old?! This birthday has come round so quickly. I also feel that I don't need to celebrate it so much anymore, maybe a baby does that to you. I'm sure Christmas this year will be the same. I'm excited about Christmas for Stanley, not for me. Anyway we have good friends popping in for cake this afternoon, and that will be enough for me. Maybe I'll feel different when I hit the grand old age of 40, I think I'll want a huge party then! But for now, tea and cake and friends suits me just fine.

Hope you all had lovely weekends.
S & s

PS Sorry for the picture quality, I only had my iphone with me, not my fancy pants camera.


  1. Beautiful! I love last minute decisions, and I often find that they end up being exactly what you felt like doing, without all the stress of planning! And so lovely just to be able to be in the countryside so easily!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you have a lovely day today xx

  3. Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you've had a lovely Monday birthday - its been roasting in Scotland so hopefully its been the same down there for you! x

  4. Happy birthday to you.... Tra la la! Your celebrations look perfect... X

  5. Happy birthday! What a beautiful place!


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