We had very good friends come and stay with us this weekend. We have not see them for almost a year  as they live in Somerset so it was lovely to catch up and see our little boys play together so well. They are about 9 months apart in age and really were totally lovely togther. Sharing toys and holding hands for most of the weekend. It was cute to watch and made us feel very happy and relaxed knowing they were getting on so well. They of course did not mind the rain and actually it seems that whenever we as families meet up the weather is normally like this! So we took it in our stride and went out anyway. Stanley tried and LOVED his first ever hot chocolate - I think we'll be sharing more of those if this British Summer continues!

Sunday was a much better day weather wise which was great. We went on the little Volks Railway line from the Marina to Brighton Pier and had a traditional seaside fish and chips of course! We stopped in the Fishing Museum which is tiny but very cute with all it's local fishing paraphernalia. Wonderful time spent with friends in weather that was ok in the end! Hope you all had great weekends too.


  1. Aw lovely! It's so cute to see children really get on with each other, and of course holding hands! I would love theo and Stanley to meet, hopefully one day (and to meet you too of course!)

  2. Aww how cute. My daughter and her 'best friend' are also 9 months apart and they play so nicely together (until they start fighting over toys and claiming they are no longer friends, but then they hug and make up).


  3. Sarah! You are incredible. Love the blog, love the pictures, love your family xxx niknak


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