So Stanley turned 18 months two days ago. I mean - where the heck did all that time go? I'm finding this age just THE MOST FUN! I know people say that about every age. But  seriously if I'd know this now I'd have had an 18 month birthday party for him instead and scrapped the one year one. I reckon he'd enjoy it a lot more now! He is saying tonnes, a proper little chatterbox. Sometimes I can humour him and we'll appear to have a long in depth converstaion. He can do all animal noises. Point to all body parts and even say a few. He repeats many words but doesn't nessarily remember them the next day....I'm really having to rein in my swearing now! He is a master at saying "BEER" much to the amusement of most people (thanks a lot Dad and brother for teaching him that one!) The most recent thing he can say is "I WUV YEW" it is a heart melter, plus he looks all coy when he does it. Totally wrapping everyone round his finger. He's no fool! I'll leave you with a hilarious picture of him at 6 months...it amazes me that he is the same little being - it really does feel like a lifetime away.


  1. Ah love him! He sounds so much fun, can't wait til theo says I love you!

  2. I agree, 18 months is sooo amazing'


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