FUN IN THE SUN! part one.

It feels like an age ago now but I thought I'd share photos with you all from our little mini break. So our trip was a total success! Stanley really was the best baby. A super good traveller and flyer...I feel very lucky I had such an easy time. We left the house, me, him, the buggy and one small backpack and off we trotted to the train station. We arrived at Gatwick with plenty of time and got through all the security faff. I had timed the flight with his nap, and there was a nasty moment when I thought we were going to be delayed but luckily he was amused with maize snacks as our flight got back on track. Boarded happily and settled down in a window seat and he fidgeted for a bit and then he SLEPT THE WHOLE FLIGHT! All one and half hours of it - including the landing. I actually had to wake him up! Easy peasy! Phew. We had two hours to kill at Nice airport while waiting for my friend but that was no problem with a lunch and a seriously good fish tank to keep him amused. My sweet friend picked us up and we went back to her cute little flat, bathed and changed Stanley and went out for dinner. He was awesome and stayed up until 10pm when he feel asleep in his buggy as we walked around looking at fancy power yachts! We got back to hers and popped him in the travel cot and he slept right through to morning. Excellent!

Saturday we went over to one of the Lerins Islands, Ile Sainte Marguerite with Donna's friends for a picnic. We crossed by ferry (Stanley missed the boat trip as he was napping!) and trekked buggy and all to find a secluded bay. Beautiful picnic and the warmest little cove waters all day. It was blissful. Stanley got quite brave towards the end and went into the water with me for some plunging and waded in holding hands with Donna too. We left the island again on the boat and stopped for dinner at Juan Les Pins. Stanley was in his element flirting with people on nearby tables and playing in the sand. He really embraced staying up late and being a 'continental baby!' We got home, bathed him and put him to bed again no trouble while me and my friend stayed up gossiping! Such fun.

footnote: part two up tomorrow

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  1. Seriously Stanley is the best, cutest toddler around! Can't believe how good he was, wanna swap him for theo? Sounds like you had the perfect mini break, I need one of those!


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