My desk looks like a (pencil&pen) bomb has hit it. There are rubbings, and bits of sharpenings everywhere, as well as tiny scraps of paper. I'm not keen on mess in general, I like to keep a tidy house, but my studio is looking terrible. There is no time, or any real need to tidy as I go. As long as my paper remains pristine and white then we are ok. I am really in the thick of working now. The first few colour artwork spreads went slowly, I needed to warm up again, remember how to draw my Monster characters and feel at home with them. I'm getting ever so slightly quicker which is a good thing, but there is going to be a lot of late nights in my studio over the next few weeks. Thank gawd for the daylight bulb that my husband bought me as else I think I'd not be able to continue to work late in the poor yellow house hold light that fills the other rooms up.

It's going to be an antisocial and tiring next few weeks, but hopefully worth it. I am cutting the blog right back now to the odd snippet of perhaps what I'm drawing and the 52 project, otherwise all other posts are on hold until I've finished this work at the end of March. I love blogging, but only when I have time, and I have little of it anyway, and virtually none now. I hope you will stick with me though, and continue to check in from time to time! You have one more day to enter my print giveaway. I will announce the winner tomrrow morning. Best of luck!


  1. Lovely to see a snippet of your pencily pastel chaos Sarah although it looks pretty tidy to me! I'm quite amazed we have the same cigar box- I use it for all my necklaces and like to think the dark haired gentleman on the lid is looking after my jewels (oo-er missus!) x

    PS Love the contrast between Mr monster's orange skin and the bright blue sofa - what a delicious colour combination!! Good luck with everything over the next few weeks with it - can't wait for more sneaky peeks! :)

  2. Late nights and deadlines can take a lot out of you but the end result is always, always worth it. Good luck! I can't wait to see more snippets of your art.

  3. good luck with it all sarah! can't wait to see the finished product! xxx


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