"A picture of my child once a week, every week, in 2013"

Your imagination is getting better and better. You spend a lot of the day now giving 'voices' to your cars and trains, inventing situations, crashes, fires etc. You also enjoy home making of every sort, playing in 'Stanley's Kitchen' making me cups of tea and imaginary dinners. Recently you have become an excellent sandwich maker with generous fillings. It's a good sign for sure, you'll make someone an excellent husband one day....

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  1. Look at that, he even eats fake food. You lucky mama you... ;)

  2. oh I love this, she is a beautiful girl.

    1. He is a beautiful boy actually, but you are right, he is beautiful ;)

  3. He is darling! And yes, those skills in the kitchen will come in handy. I married a man who could cook! They are the best! And are those felt sandwich pieces? Where did you find those? I love them!

  4. Ah! I think this is might be my favourite picture of this project so far - i'm jealous of Stanley's great fisherman style knitted jumper! looks super cosy! ;) x

  5. Marlowe likes to make me Jerry poop sandwiches. I hope one day, when our kids aren't too old then can play <3


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