Dear Stanley, I've never been a big one of being organised to do monthly updates and the like...things like life (and you!) seem to get in my way. But as you are turning two tomorrow I thought it would be a good moment to write a little down for me to remember and for you to one day read about what you are like now. Firstly, where the heck has two years gone?! I know they say time flies, and there are a hundred more cliches to use, but man it really does! We didn't know we were having a boy, we had decided not to find out the sex, I knew I'd need a reason to push if it all became too much. (You however had different ideas and our home birth turned into an ambulance dash and you coming out the sunroof, but that is a story I feel I will probably never share on here!) I didn't ever really think too much about having a boy, I think really if I'm honest I probably wanted a girl first, thinking perhaps they were easier and I was one so how wrong can you go? The moment I had you though I've never known a love like it. It still frightens me sometimes with how strong it is, how it takes over and makes me cry thinking of all the things I want for you and don't want for you.

a few days old

You are still so little but you already are your own little person, you show signs of being like me or Daddy, but you are definitely your own character. You are kind, really kind. Perhaps not so much to the cat. You are loving and thoughtful. You say "excuse me" or "sorry" if you try and squeeze past me or anyone else in trying to get somewhere. You always say "thank you" and "please", and very often without any promting. You are friendly to most, smiling and chatty to new people. Sometimes you are shy and a mummy's boy, but normally because you are having an off day. You are cautious though about things you are unsure of. Especially when it comes to being physically active. You are not the first up the climbing frame and down a slide, in fact I think you have only been down a slide once or twice, preferring to stand at the top when you've changed your mind and shouting "mummy 'uddle" to get me to get you down. I think cautious kitty is what I'm renaming you. I wouldn't go so far as to calling you a wimp at times like this....but maybe in the future if it continues. I think you are a sensitive boy, not a typical boy 'boy' if you know what I mean. You can still be tricksy with food, but I really feel that is my own issues (your Daddy calls me a feeder) but you certainly do know what you like. Some of the more adventurous things you'll put away are olives, smoked salmon and cashew nuts. Not cheap taste that is for sure. You love chocolate, and I mean LOVE it. Your face lights up if we let you have a little as a treat. Seeing that face and hearing the hilarious "oooh oooh" noises you make it is tempting to give you the whole bar. But we don't.

You are a chatterbox. That is probably my fault. Man do I like to talk and so it appears do you. You narrate my life the moment we get up. Only this morning when I came into your room because I could hear you were awake did you say "oh, good morning mummy. stanley done a poo-poo" Then everything is pointed out to me like I can't see anything and explained. It is lovely though, and really quite endearing. You like to say "mummy". A lot. In fact even if I'm looking right at you and nodding you continue to say "mummy" louder and louder until I say "yes Stanley" and then you tell me what it is you've been desperate to say. You form full sentences of 7 to 10 words easily and it completely amazes me. I'm struggling not to use foul language around you now I know how many things you are picking up on a daily basis!

1st birthday

You finally sleep through. You rarely wake in the night for no reason, I think you are beginning to have bad dreams, so I'm sure they'll be restless nights ahead for me. Oh joy. You like to rise early, which is ok for me so long as I can have my cup of tea. You still love your morning and evening milk, from a bottle. Yes I still haven't weaned you off them (hello mumsnet I don't care). I need to really, I should just throw them away and be done with it, perhaps I will....tomorrow. You have a dummy still for sleeping at night and nap times. You are good though and never ask for it in the day, not even if you are upset. It is a wonder tool for sleep though and I am not getting rid of it for quite a while yet! You go to bed happily, trotting off up stairs when we say, calling out "come on mummy, come on then" as you climb. You are really into stories and love to be read to at bedtime, you have even shown interest in my books now which makes me so happy. (You will learn to like them even if you think you prefer the Gruffalo.) You seem to be average in height and build, not the tallest of little boys and girls your age though, but then neither myself or your Daddy are really tall. You like learning things and showing me what you know, and I just know you will be the child at school trying not to have a hernia because you hand is up so high in a 'pick me pick me' way! You can count to twelve but then get stuck and go back to eight and then up to twelve again and so on until I prompt you that actually thirteen is next, but I'm still impressed. I feel you may also be a telltale at school as you certainly like things to be right, and you don't like getting into trouble. That is not to say you are not of course fun. Boy are you a fun thing to be around all day. You are my child, my friend, my helper and my confindant. Being with you every day is an absolute pleasure and I love you more each day. I cannot wait to see what you get up to in this next year.

jan 1st, 2013, just a few days before you turn two

Love, Mummy x


  1. Happy New Year Sarah. I've just read this post with my morning coffee and you've made me well up! So lovely and heartfelt and very funny too. I hope Stanley has a fantastic 2nd birthday tomorrow and that you've had a lovely christmas and new year too! Emily

  2. He sounds like such a bright and happy boy, hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow.

  3. Happy Birthday Stanley!

  4. Happy birthday For tomorrow Stanley! Such a clever little boy by the sounds of it, I'm really looking forward to this year and all that it brings, and can't wait to see what you get up to!

  5. This is oh so sweet, it made me well up a little! I know if I have a child even a fraction as lovely as him I will feel very blessed.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Stanley. x

  6. aww Stanley! I know I've only met you guys once but I was really impressed with Stanley's nature, you can tell he is a really considerate boy and it melted my heart to hear him say please and thank you to you!
    Hope we can come visit some you this time in 2013 xx

  7. Happy birthday Stanley! I hope you had a great day with your little man, Sarah.


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