Which started pretty well but ended not so great! Ben got given a pub walks book for his birthday and keen to test it out with friends we set of the other day around half 2. We set out from the Half Moon pub in plumpton. The weather was beautiful - a low, warmish sun and pretty winter light. All was well with the babies snuggled and warm in their backpacks.

Yes it is true - we have matching backpacks we both bought off eBay! (Vaude, if you are interested...) the walk was only 3 miles long, and although it was uphill for a bit of it, it was totally worth it for these views.

Everything was fine until right after I took these photos of the cows. Then both kiddos decided they'd had enough at exactly the same time and without any real warning just decided enough was enough with the walk and they started to cry. Pretty loudly, and would not be comforted or bribed with snacks. Both myself and and my friend had to remove babies from back packs and wobble downhill carrying them in our arms with cries of "mummy mummy" still coming from them!

To add insult to injury the pub kitchen closed 10 mins before we got there. Still, what we learnt from this experience was to go a little earlier in the day when it was warmer, no further than 2 miles, and always check pub kitchen timings! At least we enjoyed a swift ale and some warming up time by the open fire before heading home. I now more than ever though want to move to the country. Around where we walked is ideal, such beautiful countryside, nice pubs and lovely little villages. Money is stopping us move for now, so the farm dreams will just have to wait a while. At least it is only a few minutes drive from our house at the moment to experience this stunning countryside....and I can keep dreaming of course ;)

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  1. That photo of Stanley in the backpack kills me with cuteness. Merry Christmas to you guys :)


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