So I decided to relax and enjoy christmas rather than capture every second of it for the blog. Wow, I hear you say, what a crazy idea ;)

The two pictures I did take I think sums up how Christmas was for us this year, low key, pared back and homely. Myself and Ben only bought a few bits for each other and just one thing for Stanley. Ok, it was pretty decent, and a large set but we were careful in our purchase. We watched earlier in the year lots of brio train sets on ebay and bought two batches locally to combine to make this amazing set for him all for a ridiculously low price. I have never seen such a happy little chap in all my life. He will not stop playing with it and just lies there for hours flat on his tummy pushing his little trains along the tracks. I think myself and Ben have enjoyed making a new track every evening almost as much as Stanley has enjoyed playing with it! I'm glad we made this decision not to buy too much, it is tempting to go crazy, it is so fun to buy things for toddlers, beautiful things that you know they'd love. It's tricky too there is so much out there to see. I'm bombarded on blogs and on IG with amazing things that other people are buying for their children, or for themselves, their house etc, and I feel I need to somehow 'keep up with the jones's' but I know I don't and couldn't afford to anyway even if I wanted too. But really I don't want Christmas to be about that. He got a small stocking from Father Christmas, but it contained many a practical item. New toothbrush heads for example, lucky child! I know it may sound like a cliche or too ideal but I really want him to be happy with the little things in life, and be happy with his imagination and being loved by family. I'm hoping we can instil in him from an early age, that while it is nice of course to receive presents there are other things that are also important. We are not a religious family, so I'm not talking about making him aware of the story of Christmas, just that he appreciates what he has with family and being loved, rather than demanding an ipad next year! We shall see anyway, it is of course easier said than done. His birthday is in a few days time too, so it can be overwhelming to receive so much close together. I don't want our little home and our heads to be weighed down with stuff. Or the importance of owning things...it feels good to try and break free of it all. I think this time less really is more.

I hope you all had good Christmas's and I hope you all have a Happy New Year. We have friends coming over for dinner. A very low key affair, with nice food and wine. Hopefully we will make it through to midnight ;)

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  1. You are so right. We've done the same with buying only a few presents, although our living room has still ended up looking like a toy shop with all the things he got from family and friends. Still, the only played with all day was the little umbrella we got from the pound shop! Nadolig Llawen and I hope Stanley has a lovely birthday x


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