So the other day we went to the Sealife Centre in Brighton. I bought an annual pass because Stanley is free until he turns 3 years old, and as long as we visit more than 4 times in a year then I get my monies worth! Anyway it was perfect thing to do on a rainy and dull morning. We went at a great time, there was hardly anyone there...I can imagine during school holidays it is hideous but for us it was perfect as Stanley could run around shouting "more fish" at every tank we met. There is some trippy light action going on, but Stanley true to form enjoyed shouting out each colour as it changed...hopefully we didn't annoy too many people in there. I saw the most frightening spider crab that was HUGE, so scary that I couldn't even bring myself to photograph it for the blog. I did however capture these guys.

pretty nice victorian building

big fish, little fish...
mummy, mummy, massive turtle!

It is the sort of place I guess you just have to enjoy for what it is. I know Ben is not keen, so we'd never go there as a family as he feels it is cruel. Although seeing them in their massive tanks they looked pretty well looked after to me. It certainly was an easy way to kill an hour or two with Stanley and not be in the rain, so we will definitely be back soon. We have no zoo near us (well, not without a decent drive in the car) so the Sealife centre is a good thing for us. Heck, Stanley even got to touch a starfish and a crab, he was made up with the whole experience!

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  1. Ooo! Great tip! We spend a lot of time in Worthing now the in-laws live there (I'm actually here/there now writing this!) and we're always looking for new places to go! This place will be getting a visit shortly methinks!


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