Super exciting post arrived today! A while ago I was asked to contribute to a German publication called Gestalten. They were compiling a book of illustrations for children's picture books. It was very exciting to be asked to contribute as the publishers have a great catalogue full of wonderfully designed books. You should check out their website here. The book I feature in is called "little big books - illustrations for children's picture books" the link to the book is here. It is a glorious book if you like illustration and of course in particular children's book illustrations. It has several great interviews, one with Kitty Crowther who's work I really admire and one with Martin Salisbury who's writings on children's books I've mention before. I'm completely stoked to be in the same book as many great illustrators I admire. It feels good to blow my illustration trumpet rather than my rather boring Mum one once in a while ;)

little old me

oliver jeffers

tom schamp

marc boutavant 
kevin waldron

beatrice alemagna

camilla engman


  1. Wow congratulations, that looks like an amazing book! You must be chuffed to alongside so many other great illustrators! Will try and save some pocket money for this book, I'm hooked!

  2. oh some of my favourtite illustrators all in one book! fantastic. and a well deserved contribution from you too :-)

  3. Congratulations! This one is going on Lil's 'for when she's older and doesn't want to draw all over her books' shelf xxx

  4. Congratulations - its well deserved though! What a great book, I am ordering it as we speak, lots of my favorite illustrators featured.
    /Camilla ;-)

  5. Sarah that's fantastic! You work looks fabulous, how exciting to be alongside Beatrice Alemagna :) Don't belittle the Mummy trumpet though, I enjoy reading those posts too! (And I'm not even a mummy yet...) x


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