We recently enjoyed some pretty amazing weather down here in the south of england. Ben had a friday off so we took advantage and cycled to the beach near us nice and early to bag the best spot and beat the crowds. We enjoyed a lovely picnic, some sunbathing and a splash in the water. Stanley loved hanging out in his shady tent and even took a long nap in it.

On the Saturday we again headed off early to Cuckmere Haven to go for a walk and test out the backpack carrier we bought second hand. (It's a 'Vaude' by the way and I can recommend it after our walk!) It is such a glorious part of the Sussex countryside, somewhere I've been to a lot as a kid, but not visited recently as an adult. The weather was perfect and Stanley seemed to be happy up high enjoying his view. We went for a little explore in the rock pools, admired the beautiful Seven Sisters cliffs. and ate another picnic lunch before heading back before all the crowds descended on our little bit of peace and quiet. Stanley even managed a snooze in the backpack resting his weary head on the padded head rest!


  1. how lovely!
    Oh and could your little Stanley be any cuter!?! He's a beautiful little man!

  2. Wow, a nap in a tent AND a nap in the backpack!? Sounds dreamy!

  3. What a lovely weekend! That sand picture is amazing...


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