I love this floor. I am tempted right now to go out and hunt through junk shops, car boot sales, tile shop seconds, ebay and vintage shops for tiles to do this with. Our kitchen cabinets are pretty much like this and I could easily paint our walls from cornforth white back to pure white. However I get the feeling my husband would kill me if I suggested it. You see when we first moved into out house I said I didn't want a tiled floor in the kitchen. He really did. I whinged on that things that were dropped on it would break, that it would be cold in the winter (true) and that if we had a baby they would struggle on this cold harsh floor to crawl and then learn to walk. However if I'd seen this image 3 years ago I reckon I would have jumped at the chance. Instead I demanded that he match the wood we bought to the already wooden floor in the lounge as the rooms now met since we had fun making a new doorway. Not an easy task. It took him days of sanding and varnishing and waxing and testing out a million brown wood stains to get the right colour. So, I guess rightly I do deserve a angry glare for even suggesting it. But seriously, just look at it.... have you ever seen anything more lovely? On my wish list for the future perhaps, or maybe if I try catching him on a good day......

Found via present and correct.


  1. Oh wow! amazing indeed. What if you suggest it for your bathroom floor instead?!

  2. You could always turn the blame back on your hubby for not inspiring you properly ;) Worth a shot, those tiles are lovely!


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