Firstly, yes, we have a well organised garage. One of the plus sides of buying a 1930s house (unlike the Victorian one I would have really liked) is that it came with more space, and more importantly if you are my husband...a garage. Not for storing a car mind you, oh no, oh no... This garage is for storing food, wood, his many vintage bicycles and all our Ecover refills. In fact probably enough things that someone would be very happy living there for a month or so as long as you are into cleaning and eating dried and tinned foodstuffs. Make no mistake this is a sponsored post but I wanted to show you why I'd made this my first one. We are no stranger to the Ecover products as you can see from the photos. We've used them for many years for the very simple reason that they work and they are good for the home, us and the environment. I have never had a problem with them not doing the job. There are so many clever natural ingredients that it is a no brainer that they do as good a job if not better than the chemical alternitives....and they smell good! So when Ecover wanted to send me their newest line called Ecover Zero I was more than happy to test them out. As we still cloth nappy (Stanley is now 20 months) and have done since he was about 8 weeks old it follows with our ethos of having a house that doesn't impact too much on the environment. When I fell pregnant and read about the shocking statistics of how many nappies a baby uses in it's life time I was horrified. It didn't take much to switch to cloth, it was really just a matter of realising that cloth worked better than disposables and were the better option for all. The same can be said for using Ecover, just getting my head round the fact that of course natural ingredients were better in so many ways than chemical and voila - happy household! I think sometimes it feels like I am in the minority with using cloth nappies and using environmentally friendly cleaning products - like I'm some sort of saint for doing it. But really it just makes more sense! Right?!

The Ecover Zero products are great for me to wash Stanley's clothes and nappies with as they can help reduce allergic symptoms and I'm particularly aware of this with Ben suffering with eczema and my brother and Dad suffering so badly with psoriasis their whole life, that I feel very strongly about how chemical washing agents affect the skin. The other thing I like about Ecover is that it's not just the products that are environmentally friendly, their factories are as well, and the products that came to us were packaged fully in stuff we could afterwards recycle. I think that is really important which is why we have always bought the huge refills, to save again on packaging. 
All ok, only recyclable packaging. No plastic in site. Well, except the bottles of course!

Lovely products in a handy canvas bag

Checking the ingredients carefully to see all is ok...
Happy customer!

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  1. Hi! First of all, what a cute baby you have. Second, I love Ecover. I'm doing most of my detergents at home right now, because I am on a strict, strict budget, but I love those products. And it's true, most of skin problems come from the way we clean up! all those chemicals...
    I have had allergies all my life, but since I switched to eco detergents they are much, much better. I still have the way to produce my own shampoo, but I'm getting there.


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