Last week Ben had a half day at work so Stanley and I travelled up on the train to meet him at London Bridge. We wandered along the Southbank dodging the crazy rain downpours and looking at all the boats on the river. I had decided to re-join Tate. I used to be a member when I lived in London, but had let my membership slide when I fell pregnant and moved out of London. Anyway now Stanley is at an age where a). he can walk b). he enjoys train journeys and c). he can start to appreciate modern art. Ha. Well obviously 'c' is not really a reason, but I think there are a lot of exhibitions that someone as young as him can enjoy in their own way. Damian Hirst was a good example. Not old enough to be weirded out by all the cows cut in half and the tank full of alive flies & dead flies, he just enjoyed it for what it was. Especially the butterfly room - completely amazing - real butterflies flying about and landing on his Mama! Tate Modern is a nice place to meet people, and yes I think I'll be using my membership as an excuse to meet other Mum's there too. The members room is nice, a bonus with lovely views across the Thames. I can't be going up every week, but as long as I visit every other month the membership pays for itself. And when the Summer has been as disappointing as it has been (up until now!) it is always good to have more indoor activities.

Enjoying a slice of lemon in the members room. And if the Turbine Hall was not made for chasing toy cars down it's slope then I don't know what it was made for!

Ben and I enjoyed a beer on the Southbank in a 'pop-up' bar and then just as the rain became too much we headed into Wagamama for dinner where Stanley enjoyed his first proper meal from the children's menu! He did pretty well with it, but avoided all the rice. A hot chocolate for us on the way home and a little warm milk for Stanley, and this was a happy family trip.

♥ S & s

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  1. Aw wish i'd been brave enough to take photos at the Hirst exhibition! There were Tate people everywhere!haha... So sweet to see Stanley enjoying the artwork!

    You can have a look at what I got up to London too if you like :) http://inkfingers13.blogspot.co.uk/


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