Wow, lately round here it has been HOT HOT HOT. And I've enjoyed every second of it. I have managed to wear some very neglected summer clothes and been able to hang out with Stanley in the garden which feels like an extra room in this weather, as well as enjoy beach time as a family. I hope you have all had good weeks where you are and have been enjoying whatever weather you have! What have you been up to?
mine and his morning routine
my new kitchen blind

inside toys are now outside toys

drawing al fresco

family beach time

explaining about the sea

family bike rides


  1. So lovely. I have a 15 month old and would love to buy a bike and take him cycling now that we have moved out of London. Which bikes/ seats/ helmets have you found the best? Laura

    1. We have a 'bobike' seat and a 'little nutty' helmet. I did a bit of research on it all though so will try and do a post on it soon!

    2. Thanks! Bike post would be great.

  2. Ooh, I have the same question - I'm itching to get back out on my bike. My daughter is 7 months old now, and finally big enough for a bike seat, but I don't know where to start looking! Also, bit of an odd question but where did you get your lovely blind? Random, I know, but I'm in the market for blinds and can only find horrible dull ones or old person type patterns! x

    1. Reply above for the bike stuff....

      And the blind is from Homebase!! Can you believe it?! I'd get down there quick though as I think they are discontinuing their range...


  3. how cute is he in his little flip flops!? love it. can't wait for summer here.

  4. Love your kitchen blinds! And your bedroom lighting is s inviting.


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