1. Grapes are obviously more fun to eat plucked straight from the vine and as an interesting choking hazard :/
2. Outgrowing the baby bath but we are on a water meter and I hate wasting water even though it has rained for {what seems like} the last million days.
3. Bath time is always good fun until I want to wash his hair. He HATES it.
4. I need to wean this baby off his morning and evening bottle but I will miss the little routine and watching the way he sucks on it so much.
5. It's been a noodle kind of week round here. And all from the amazing Plenty book.
6. He's finally taken to wearing a bib when eating. No more fighting me and trying to rip it off his neck. In fact he likes his bib so much he wants to wear it all round the house all the time!
7. I hear a rumour we won't be needing these soon. Note the matching Daddy & Stanley yellow jackets. All together now...."ahhhhhhhhhhh".
8. I think it's time for the mullet to go, but of course I'll keep a little lock.

update: the sun is shining today! really shining...long may it last! 

and also, thank you SO much for all your lovely comments on my last post. the things you said were very kind and mean a lot, so thank you xoxo

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  1. Adorable photos! I had forgotten about the struggle to keep a bib on. Right up there with diaper changing fun. Good times!


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