Stanley is currently a chatterbox. He is repeating almost EVERYTHING I say to him, to myself and to other people. He attempts every word even things like 'bulldozer' & 'helicopter'. He manages to repeat little 3 word sentences like 'a bit better' and, 'cup of tea'. He is using 'yes' and 'no' in the correct context more and more. He manages 'please' and 'thank you'. Mainly when prompted, but he is realising that a 'PEEASE' will get him pretty much what he wants! He says a particularly cute 'I WUV VUU' and I'm finding it amazing at all the things he can say and remember from one day to the next. I know every child is different, I mean he didn't bother walking until 15 months, so this is really not a competitive Mum post (I am not one for those as I hope you know by now!) but he seems pretty keen on learning words. I'm loving encouraging him but I'm pretty sure it will come round and bite me on the arse when he can answer me back or he picks up a swear word I think he didn't hear. Still for now it's pretty cute to hear him chat away, it's nice to have someone answer you back when for 18 months I've felt like a mad women blathering onto him like he knows what the heck I'm on about. Well now it seems he really does!

Below is a little video, I hope you enjoy!


  1. Ahhh he's even cuter in real life, well video! So impressed with his words, they actually sound like real ones!


  2. Oh what a cutie! 'Abbeeyaa' I thought was maybe eyebrow at first but as it applied to nose too I'm not so sure! :) His 'Angonthen' at the end really made me chuckle!

    Thanks for sharing this Sarah. Your lovely little film has cheered me up on what has otherwise been a very dreary Sunday night!


  3. WOW he is good.
    And, I'm sure he thought you were pointing at his 'eyebrows' - fo'sure!

  4. Did he say eyebrows? Wow, so cute x

  5. Oh my goodness he is so cute! What a clever little boy, you must be a very proud mama

    1. Eeep he is so clever!! This made Wilf laugh also :) xx


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