Ben picked up this book for Stanley from the Tate Modern bookshop the other day. It's so nice I almost didn't let Stanley touch it, but that is mean. And he does love anything to do with cars, trucks, books and flaps! It is a really beautifully produced book, printed on thick cream card stock with a textured jacket cover - it feels lovely to read. The flaps are unusual - they open at different angles, there are even flaps under flaps - who'd have thought it! Although there are only six double page spreads there is a lot going on. The illustrations are wonderfully retro and there is much humour to discover when lifting the flaps. Cheeky stuff to say the least! I think we will BOTH get much pleasure out of looking at this book again and again. Good find Daddy! Written and illustrated by French illustrator Christophe Merlin it is a truly special book. You can buy it here, but always if you can you should buy from your local independent bookstore if you have one ;)


  1. Oh wow - this is GORGEOUS! Another one for the list ;-)
    Sarah x

  2. Had a look at this yesterday when I was in Anthropologie - very cool!


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