FUN IN THE SUN! part two.

Sunday we decided to stay local. Stanley seemed tired - all those late nights catching up with him! The morning was muggy but cloudy but suited a napping beach baby. Myself and Donna caught up on yet more chats. Honestly the day we ever run out of things to say will be a sad day! The afternoon brightened up a bit and Stanley woke up in time to enjoy the sunshine and play with his bucket and spade. We coaxed him into the water again which he was really beginning to enjoy. I think if we'd had a longer holiday by the sea by the end of it he would have been super confident.

We cooled off in the afternoon with THE BEST ICE CREAM EVER! Donna had Earl Grey flavour...amazing. Perfumed and sweet. If only we could recreate! Stanley had Mango and loved his, even licking the bowl out and getting it all over his forehead! We went back home showered and popped out for amazing steak & frites under the market. A lovely final evening to a fantastic weekend.

Again the flight home was a dream. We had to get up super early as Donna had to catch a different flight to London so Stanley was tired by the time we reached the plane. We'd again amused ourselves for two hours at the airport. Stanley 'asked' to see the fish again which was sweet. Landed with him asleep in my arms! As we got home I thought how lucky I was to have such a good friend to offer up her little flat to us. To make sure Stanley (and I) had everything we needed. She takes turns, amuses Stanley, holds him, soothes him automatcially. I find it amazing that someone can do that so easily when the baby is not theirs. She really is a special friend.....I hope we can visit her again soon.

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  1. What a great trip! All pictures are lovely and you all look great! Lately I had a chance to taste early grey flavored chocolate but ice cream? Oh I can't imagine how it tastes!


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