So I came out into the garden the other day to find this stripy pair hanging out in the man's area that is the shed. Stanley was having a whale of a time helping his Daddy with his planting tasks. It is really nice to see him enjoying the things Ben likes to do. I am hoping we have a budding gardener in the making. If only he didn't mind getting his hands a bit dirtier though...I think he is too little for a pair of gardening gloves, surely?!

Things have been going ok on the growing front despite the very wet summer. We've had tonnes of salad leaves, we like this mix. The spinach is always prolific and quite hardy to the slugs - but the best thing this year has been the purple mange tout. So pretty to grow with the loveliest little lilac flowers. Plus super easy to spot the ready mange tout as that amazing purple stands out so well against the green plant. If you've never grown it before i'd recommend! We just have to be patient now for the tomatoes, raspberries, blackberries and the apricots....fingers crossed the sun comes out to help us and them.

Do you grow your own? If so any recommendations as to what works for you. Especially those growing in this crazy british summer!

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  1. I saw some brilliant kids gardening gloves by Fiskers at Hampton Court Flower Show yesterday but they are from 4 years so bit big for Stanley yet... Maybe another company does smaller?

    1. oooh thanks I'll have a look anyway. i'm hoping he'll embrace dirt soon! surely he's a boy that will like to make mud pies?!


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