i dream a lot about moving into the country. mainly on sunny days when we've gone for a drive. and through each little village i annoy my husband by saying "maybe here?" "or here?" or "do you think we could afford somewhere here?" and yes, that i guess is the main problem. money. i like the little house we have. we are very lucky to own it. not many of our friends own a whole house. it's not big or fancy, it's just a regular 1930s little suburban semi. we have spent an awful lot of time, energy and love on making it home. it was not in a pretty way when we got it. it was unloved and stale, all the 1930's character ripped out of it. i will save the treasures we have found to put back in it for another post ;) and now i love it. i know in many parts of the country it would probably be a cheap house. but here, in the south, property prices are crazy. and the same goes for living in the countryside in the south. what i'd like. well, what i DREAM about is big. is away from others with amazing views. a huge field for stanley to run around in all day. chickens. a goat. exploring, being close to nature. a more simple and quiet life. and that friends needs some serious money. on the other hand though i can't see us moving. making this little house into home has been amazing. stressful and expensive at times too, but now it's stanley's first home too, i feel very attached to it and don't want to leave it. but for now there is always dreaming ;)

1. the countryside of sussex || 2. our veggie plot last year || 3. tomato seedlings this year || 4. stanley enjoying the garden


  1. I love this post. I live in Sussex too, not in my ideal area but one we can afford & we worked hard and own our house (with a little help from the mortgage company). Whilst it's not my dream home we strive to make it and the garden nice.
    Everytime we drive out in the country for a pub lunch or a walk I will always be heard saying, 'ooh I could live in that house over looking the fields', my husband is ever quick to point out we would need to come into some serious cash first, but it doesn't hurt to dream!

  2. I grew up in the country so this, other than university is my first time living in a city. Rob grew up in Bristol though, so is a city boy. From time to time I think to myself that's where theo is going to say he's from, from Bristol, which seems so strange to me! If we stay here, he's going to be a city boy too! I never planned to bring up my child in a city (I never planned having a child!) so it's weird to find myself in this situation, and like you I would love to live in the countryside where Theo can go off all day on his bike and play in the woods like I did.

    Maybe one day it will happen for us both!


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