we went up to see a friend and her two littlies and get some culture at the tate modern. it's not a stressful trip now stanley is bigger. it was easy on the train when he was teeny tiny and latched to boob and then it was hard in the in between stage when he got bored quickly but couldn't sit up properly. now again it is easy as he is entertained by the train itself, every passing train and every poor passenger that sits near us that he wants to wave at. so we went to see the hirst exhibition and the kusama exhibitions. my friend has a member + guest pass so it was all for free! they are both surprisingly kid friendly when they are that little. you don't have to explain to much about cows cut in half or why that lady is living voluntarily in a psychiatric institution.... You can just wander around making moo noises or saying "ooooh look at all those lovely colourful dots"! i would recommend both if you're in town. unfortunately you weren't allowed to take pictures, so i took these before i got told off :/

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  1. It looks like an amazing trip! Your book is so lucky to be the neighbor of beautiful "where the wild things are" :)


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