Continuing my book review series without the lovely Stanley... i have a few books on type about the house. i mainly use them for reference for my work. When i have a minute they are great to flick through...i find it really helps with giving my usual way of laying out type with images a boost. i can get really stuck in a rut if I don't regularly look outside my little illustration world, and these are the books i often turn to first if i can't get out the house for inspiration.

do you have any 'must have' books for inspiration or when you're stuck in a creative rut? i'd love to add to my collection....

picture 2, 3 & 4 from 'hand job'
picture 5 & 6 from 'new vintage type'
picture 7, 8 & 9 from 'handwritten'

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  1. Oh wow, these books look my idea of heaven! I have some of my dad's old German design books that I always go to for inspiration, they're full of amazing logos, type & general design although I can't remember the name of them.


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