I am not a big one for tonnes of beauty stuff. however when i found out i was pregnant i made sure everything i used was paraben and sulphate free and i've carried that through to what i use now. if i'm careful about what i eat (especially being the almost full veggie family we are) i ought to apply my food rules to my beauty/body rules. so everything below is free from any chemical crap and definitely not tested on animals.

although i am 33...yikes! i really feel i look it now, having a baby has definitely aged me! so it's always nice to find a new 'wonder' prodect. a friend recently recommended the 'weleda skin food' and it really feels good to slap that on a night to try and repair any damage! if you have any things you can't live without i'd love to hear about them!

if you click on the picture you'll be able to see it a bit bigger :)

footnote: i was not paid to list any of these products. they are all mine bought by my own hard earned cash....and the opinions i have are all my own! :)


  1. you have a funny way of spelling 'moisturiser', but a great collection of them!

  2. bahahahahaha...i am such a terrible speller! seriously awful. hence why my main form of earning money is colouring in! ;)


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