A stanley heavy one this week...he's been a bit more trying than normal...I'm not sure if it's frustration in communicating/not being able to walk yet/or teething...but he is more whingy than ususal and is sleeping SOOOOOOOOOOO badly at night. Waking up a lot and crying and crying until I eventually break and go in and sit and soothe him for hours or else bring him in bed with us. I'm hoping it is just a little phase and he'll be back to the chipper chap i know. For his and my sake!
Happy weekends xoxo

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  1. Oh poor Stanley!
    It must be pretty frustrating to be so small that at times even the cat is the same height as you ( I love the pic at the window!) and all you want to do is be up high like all the grown ups around and walk about/chase the cat as you please!

    That, coupled with the pain of teething and being unable to verbally communicate how tough things are, must be getting to him. Even the blooming cat can walk about as much as it likes- no wonder he's fed up! :)

    Jokes aside, I hope he finds his lovely Stanley smile again soon and that you can get some restful sleep. I'm sure he'll find his feet soon and things will be back to normal in no time!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Emily X
    PS I named a cat I screen printed on to notebooks after him - I hope you don't mind - he just looked like a Stanley too!

    PPS I bought a copy of Batty the other day. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Oh, I recognise that 'please pick me up mum' pose! I seem to be getting that a lot!

  3. Oh, I recognise that 'please pick me up mum' pose! I seem to be getting that a lot!


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