It's becoming a battle. i'm now beginning to dread meal times, when i never used to. i'm trying so hard not to get stressed or cross at him when he performs his tricks in his highchair and refuses to eat anything. maybe it's my fault for using a highchair without straps...he knows he can stand in it and so always climbs about. sometimes i resort to letting him have his food on the floor/on my lap/in front of the tv/on the kitchen work tops...where ever really i can attempt to get a few more mouthfuls in. is this bad? am i making a rod for my own back with bad with bad eating habits? should i get a different highchair?

Ok so how much should a soon to be 14 month old eat? Stanley goes through good eating patches and then bad. i don't know if its some motherly thing or some weird feeder thing i have when i want him to eat lots. he's so far been an ok eater. i mean we went through a good patch that i even started to record his meals. will try most stuff. sometimes spits it back, sometimes not.
for example one day he'll eat raspberries like they are the best food on the planet then the next day he'll look at me when i give them to him like they are poison. is this normal? we never did baby led weaning properly. i'm sort of regretting that now. maybe it would have made me more relaxed with the quanities he was taking in...like he was in control and knew how much was right for him.
would be great if you have any advice. he's not exactly wasting away....but i just want to know this behaviour is ok, normal or whatever!

Thanks for all the votes by the way...i'm creeping up there and it's making me feel better!


  1. Food is such an emotive issue when you're a mum! I too hate meal times, my 13 month old is ok, my 4 yr old eats most stuff, but she is the worlds slowest eater... I feel my blood pressure rise as soon as I put food on the table. One thing I've learned from the last four years though is that there are definitely times when kids eat loads and times (I'm talking days/weeks) when they seem to survive on thin air. Oh, and if you've made a special effort to cook something then they almost never eat it.

  2. What your describing sounds fairly normal to me! Theo's never been a great eater either, but he seems to be getting better. But we have days the same as you where he'll eat and try loads then the next day not be bothered. Sometimes he'll only really eat one proper meal a day.

    We did do blw and he only really seemed to get the whole eating thing just before he turned one, and actually started swallowing food rather than just chewing and spitting it out! But now of he's a tiny bit off colour or it isn't the right time, he won't really eat. Sometimes it does worry me when he doesn't have 'proper' meals one day, but then how do you know how much is enough?! I'm still bfeeding theo on demand, so I guess I know he's still getting food that way.

    This is last week or so we've had a breakthrough with breakfast though! He went right off toast, so I tried him on porridge, with fruit. Becuase I like my porridge in a dough like form he finds it easy to eat like this too, either feeding himself with a spoon or his hands! He eats quite a lot and hasn't got bored yet, so at least I know he's getting one good meal a day!

    Anyway, sorry to babble on, but I think it's fairly normal for them not to be 100% on 3 proper meals a day, but I'd say just keep offering him meals and realt encourage him when he does eat, however little. But I guess if you have more concerns you could always chat to you health visitors about it?

    Hope this helps?!


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