"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013"
Stanley: This picture is so very 'you'. To be unsure of something strange, but yet something that other kids seem to delight in!

Firstly, apologies to those that have seen this image on my feed on instagram. (I'm @sarahillustrator there if you want to follow me by the way.) This photo was too perfect for this week not to use, and too perfect at summing up Stanley's personality. As I've mentioned before he is not a brave little kiddo when it comes to physical activity. He loathes soft play (a delighted phew! from me) and generally although he likes going to the park to play is cautious about what he does there. When it snowed this Friday I was so excited, for me and him thinking we would have so much fun in it. Oh boy was I wrong! Ben was away at work Friday and Saturday so I hoped to play in our garden and show him the delights of his first snow. Maybe next year hey?! Hoping to build a 'snow cat' tomorrow, in Betty's honour (although god knows why as she insists still on pissing in random places through the house.) I might push my luck with him and the snow one more day....


  1. Awww, I have one of those too! I was so excited when it started snowing, thinking we'd have hours of fun in the garden and it would be so magical. But, no. Just, no. This toddler does not like snow : (

  2. Love it...even though I'm sorry that he hates it! My little guy will go out in it but refuses to do anything other than eat it. And before you think he must be a year or so if he's just eating it.. Well, he's two and a half! Flat out refuses to walk in it...granted we've had a solid foot on the ground lately but come on, kid! Where's your sense of adventure?? :)

  3. Haha love this photo! It's so true they are very different in this way, Stanley is way more cautious than theo, which is probably a good thing! Maybe they can teach each other something!? But it'd be boring if all toddlers were the same right?


    1. I love this photo!! Seeing it twice makes it twice the fun! He's such a sweet little guy and this photo is HILARIOUS. Such a good memory for him to look back on when snow doesn't seem so scary any more.


  4. That is a great picture! Too funny

  5. LOVE this photo!!
    Love that it makes me feel just a little bit cooler too...we are sweltering on this side of the globe :0)

  6. I'm not very bothered about snow either Stanley - personally I think it's over-rated.

  7. Oh that face! It IS pretty cold, I don't blame him!

  8. He's so cute in his little snow outfit...and I'm sure he will love the snow, just wait until next year!


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