The lovely Ashley from The Stork and the Beanstalk blog has joined me over here today to give her version of the ever popular blogger format of a picture an hour. However we hope this is an honest (although beautiful of course with Ashley's photography skills!) version. When I sent my pictures over to her we realised we had many similar shots. Seems like us mamas are doing the same old thing all over the world...Nothing fancy, just living. I hope you enjoy. You can find my day over on her blog while she takes some time out to rest from her surgery.

0800 The boys usually wake up around the same time. On this day, Van got up first. He's a big eater, so I have to entertain him with a snack while I prepare his actual breakfast.

0900 After breakfast, we play for a bit in the yard. The weather is finally cool enough that we can stand to be outside, which is nice. 

1000 I make the boys a snack. Today, I made them a spinach smoothie. Yum-yum. I kid, um, totally gross. I mix in a fair amount of berries. They love it, so that's a win. 

1100 Van goes down for a nap. He never fights it. And he always goes down with the thumb in his mouth and his other hand rubbing his head. It kills me everytime. 

1200 Hooper and I enjoy some one-on-one time. We brush teeth, read books, play in the yard, or watch a cartoon.

0100 I make some calls to my insurance company and the doctor's office. I'm trying to get everything in order for my upcoming surgery. I hate doing this stuff. There's nothing worse than sitting on hold with your insurance company. I sit down with a magazine to keep my frustrations at bay. And I put on a cartoon for Hooper so the person on the other end of my phone call doesn't want to kill me for the annoying kid I have to keep yelling at. Van is still napping, but should be up any minute. 

0200 We eat lunch. Sometimes it goes smoothly, sometimes it does not. Today is a good day. In general, feeding my picky eater has gotten easier. Van eats everything and he does so very quickly.

0300 We go to the park. I push Van in the swing and he laughs. 

0400 Both boys are tired when we get home from the park. I always try to encourage Hooper to go #2 before I put him down for a nap... otherwise he goes as soon as I shut the door after putting him down. 

0500 Both boys go down for a nap. I don't always get so lucky... Hooper's naps are hit or miss these days, but alas, he went to sleep.

0600 The house is quiet and Willy is home from work, trying to watch football while Sarah begs for some attention. She always gets more attention when the boys are sleeping. I work on the computer or catch up on instagram

0700 My parents come over for dinner. We talk about my surgery and the plan for my recovery. They will be helping out a lot and I am so grateful. 

0800 We give the boys a bath. Hooper hates having the water poured on his head. Van can't wait to get into his mama's arms. The way he jets his little jaw forward when he cries kills me. Willy and I put the kids to bed and we relax for a bit before going to bed ourselves.
And there ya have it. A typical day doing typical things. Many thanks to Sarah for having me.

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