"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013"


  1. How lovely! Getting a real sense that Stanley is about to tear across that bridge to the other side...no fear of trolls heh ;)

    Are you getting on well with your camera by the way? I keep missing out on ebay. Not many cameras with the 20mm lens for sale. Wondering whether to buy a body and lens separately? Or even an Olympus Pen which can take the pancake lens. xx

    1. Hi Kelly! Yes we did a lot of 'trip trapping' that day! Love my camera (although this photo is iphone) I find it easy to use, and I take it out a lot more as it is small enough to go in my handbag. Yes there wasn't many when I looked either. I thought about just a body and then lens but that seemed to add up, and I'm afraid I've never heard of the olympus, but I did have an olympus before and loved it...so you could be onto a good thing there! Good luck!


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