Excerpt from Matilda Tristram's 'Colonomic'
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This is probably the best thing I think I've seen a school do. If I lived in the area I'd be hammering down the door to get my child in there. What a wonderful, wonderful piece of creativity to inspire pupils. This makes me feel so much happier about schools and the possibilities that are open to teachers and children if only the staff are brave enough to do more of this sort of thing! And you know how passionate I am about inspiring children to write stories and draw creatively.

Talking of brave. This is one of the bravest pieces of work I've seen from a student in a while. Wonderful creative thinking....but so painful to watch!

The final link is a friend's work. She is a writer/animator/artist and this is her comic. Her name is Matilda, and at about 18 weeks pregnant she discovered she had colon cancer. It is not easy reading, but it is incredible. In places it is sad, scary but also very humorous as that is just the sort of girl she is. She appears to be winning the battle and you'll be pleased to hear that her little boy was born absolutely fine and healthy and they are both doing well. She's just (hopefully) had her final dose of chemo and the comic will be published by Penguin next summer but I urge you to get a cup of tea ready (some tissues perhaps too) and sit down and read the lot. It puts many things into perspective, which think for all of us is a good thing to do from time to time.


  1. lovely links!
    please can you do a post where you recommend some books for children's Christmas presents? I like buying books for my own 2 year old and older family kids so would love your recommendations!

    1. Hello, Laura, that is a great idea! And I do like books ;-) Will get round to that post soon. Thanks for your comment!


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