"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013"
A train ride and a visit yesterday to see Hattie and Johnny at the Natural History Museum. A precious day off I decided would be a good idea in my work schedule. Back to work today though....Boo Hiss.
It was lovely to see them both. The boys played occasionally well together, and had some hilarious arguments together. J: "there's a fire under the table" S: "there isn't Johnny" J: "There IS" S: "THERE ISN"T" and so it went on and on...

You can see the my other photos in the series here.


  1. Perfect, what a beautiful little reflection x

  2. What a touching image. Wonder in the eyes. (P.S. Loving that vest!)
    Following you along.
    Bella @ Sea and Salt :)

  3. Sarah, this picture is perfectly lovely. My very favorite from the whole series!


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