"A potrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013"
Stanley: from our recent holiday in France, exploring the beautiful river beach in Aubeterre. Not the one I was intending to post, but since our camera is lost/stolen from our holiday it will be iphone pictures until I can justify buying a new one. We are very sad about the camera. I am trying not to be upset about it, but it is hard when you have also lost so many great memories on there too....

On a happier note I have found a few great new-to-me blogs through this 52 project which has been so nice. This one found only this week is new(ish) and based in the Scottish Hebrides! I'm in love with her images, it paints an idyllic scene, although I'm sure things aren't good all the time... It really makes me want to explore more of the UK, and I have ridiculous dreams that I'd be happy somewhere like that....but of course I think I'm a town girl at heart. Can't wait to see what the Autumn and Winter holds for this blog. Her 52 photos were my favourite from last week. I love a bit of matchy matchy me, so these shoes and snack are a perfect pair.

Also, if anyone could recommend a not too pricey, easy to use digital SLR I'd be grateful to hear your advice!

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  1. Aw shucks :) that's us! What lovely things you said, most kind. Thank you for sharing my little blog. Oh and on the camera front - we recently bought a Canon EOS 1100d as our last camera gave up after about 6 years of faithful service. Pretty cheap as dslr cameras come but I love using it and am happy with the images I get. Hope you have a lovely week.Holly.x


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