So thank you to all those that left comments or links in my last food post. Actually since writing that post we've done much better with branching out in the food world - maybe me fessing up to you guys helped spur me on to being more creative. Anyway I did try out Lia's amazing Butternut Squash Jamba stew, and actually me and Ben LOVED it, but Stan found it too spicy for him. However he did give it a good go, so I think if I lessen the spice he will eat it up. It was a great mid week number too, not too complicated. Thank you Lia! Sarah from Archie's left two great Aubergine ones which I have done both before.......however Stan didn't enjoy the meatballs, but it was a while ago now, so maybe time to have a go again. And I think I want to try the mild curry on Alexis blog, as that sounded good too.

So onto my easy mid week meal that Stan seems to like at the moment, and it doesn't in the least shriek toddler food so you can all enjoy as a family. It is adapted from this Nigel Slater recipe and it is on the table in about 30 minutes.

This is what you need 
While the linguine is cooking soften the fennel and onion in olive oil

add feta (About 100g) , basil leaves and some pasta cooking water if it is sticking.

get your helper to add pepper, the juice of a lemon and then add the cooked linguine
and voila! dinner is ready.

Now you can decorate the top with the leftover fennel frongs if you're feeling fancy. Stan wasn't keen on basil in his but loved the feta sauce and the fennel. I didn't add any salt as the feta is already quite salty....but you know do what ever is right for you. We added more lemon at the table because we do love lemon, and Ben always pours olive oil over pretty much everything...so again add what is right for you. Enjoy!


We of course ended the meal like most with me feeding him the last bits and him being a cheeky chap on my lap. But hey ho, small steps, small steps...

And again, please do link below with any easy mid week meals that the toddler might like below. It really was so helpful before. Many thanks!


  1. Ooh yum, I think we'll try this tonight! I need speedy meals at the moment - sounds right up our street!
    Have you tried Miss Iggs's avocado pasta before? we make it a lot as it can't take more than about 15 minutes - but we add the crispy bacon to ours but I'm sure it would be great without it. So fast and tasty - very lemony and rich tasting without any need for cheese! x

  2. Thanks for inviting me to share this recipe Sarah and for recommending it Emily! I just bought all the ingredients to make your dinner tonight. Can't wait for my husband to come home so I can get cooking.

  3. I'm going to try this tonight - i LOVE fennel, but hardly ever use it! Glad you liked the Jamba and completely off topic but I took my three to Hove museum last week as per your recommendation a while back & they loved it, sp thanks for the tip! xx


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