The other week I met up with a friend and her little one to go strawberry picking. It was at a lovely little farm just 10 minutes away. They only have strawberries, but as it was Stan's first PYO (and mine for such a long time) it was easy to do. Their crop was already running low I think due to the amazing 3 weeks of glorious sunshine, but what they did have left was gloriously plump and red. They ask you not to eat before you pay, which is just about easy enough for me to manage, but for the toddlers it was too much temptation!

sneaking in a strawberry

We managed a pretty good haul and celebrated with a picnic in the field nearby. A really nice morning. Most of the strawberries we ate with meringues and cream, but I blended the rest up with a mango to make the most intense ice lolly mixture. So good. Makes a real difference when you pick your own and don't buy shop ones. Even the best supermarket strawberries are never red all the way through!

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