Since we've had some not too bad weather for a British Summer. (Seriously Summer where the FLIPPING HECK are you?) Me and Stan have been enjoying our extrememly precious one day a week together. We have been getting out and about as much as possible. Stan has developed quite a nice love for the outdoors. I think having a green fingered daddy helps a lot. Ben spends Mondays with him so I can have an extra day working and they seem to spend most of going out in the backpack (we bought a similar one to this off ebay) or hanging out in the garden planting up vegetables. I'm keen to encourage this nature loving side in S in the vain hope he'll still be into that at 15 rather than all the naughty girls at school. A mother can hope right? Right? Who I'm kidding I know who his dad is....

Anyway most recently we have explored the Arundel Wetlands Centre and fed (thrown) bird seed for all the new ducklings around.

The Friston Forest at Cuckmere was lovely. And a nice change from our normal route of wondering down the river valley to the sea to go rock pooling.

We had an impromptu day at Woods Mill near Small Dole recently. That was great - free parking and a lovely dipping pond which contained SO MANY tadpoles! We are going back this Friday to see if they have legs next. Stan love the book 'Tadpoles Promise' so is really interested to see them grow into frogs! We also spotted a great many damselflies and dragon flies and had the place to ourselves. I want to go back soon with Ben and the backpack so we can explore further....little toddler legs can only go so far!

It is amazing really what is so close to us. I feel very lucky to live in such a glorious part of the UK with the sea and the Sussex Downs just 5 minutes in the car in either direction. Need to make the most of it while we still have a little bit of the precious summer months left!

As you can see, Stanley's exploring outfit of choice is these mega comfy red trousers from Boys&Girls (he requests them A LOT!) and a grey hoodie from H&M he's lived in since he was about 9 months old!

Any of you in Sussex? Any top outdoor tips you'd recommend? I'd love to know if you are local!

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  1. Hi Sarah, Just catching up on some blog reading so this is a bit late but yay, I live local. In fact I live just down the road from Wood's Mill although haven't been there since I was a kid on a school field trip. Totally still can remember pond dipping there though.

    Have you tried boating at Barcombe Mills. http://www.anchorinnandboating.co.uk/boating_in_sussex a bit expensive but fun on a good day. I've swam in the water too. Picnics on top of Ditchling Beacon are also fun but I'm sure you know about that.


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