So as promised a follow on from the teaser yesterday here is the lovely Mama, Natalie behind Project Jelly to tell you a little more about the company, why she set it up, why Mencap is close to her heart, and also where you can get a pair of these limited edition beautiful jellies!

Natalie and Darcy (left) and her sister in law, Helen with Jude (right)

Can you tell us a little how 'Project Jelly' became set up.
Aha well i guess you could say it was my ultimate 'breastfeeding' fundraising brainwave!! I must admit to a few little tomes of crazy ideas that somehow whittled down into something tangible and daring and doable. I had my little Jude in sept 12 and after receiving lots of lovely baby gift realised none of the gifting or gorgeous products had a charitble element. I had wanted to fundraise more for mencap and a marathon was out of the question ;).  I knew that if I was going to start a project My little toddler Darcy kept clip clopping around in all my shoes including my JuJu jellies and so I just cold called the MD - told him I wanted to design a kids shoe for mencap as a summer market stall project really... I pitched it back to mencap and they loved it! So blood sweat and baby tears later I found myself up in Northampton at the factory in darkest December designing my limited edition jellies! I realise my timing was lucky as the brand are on the up and so I have this fantastic partnership with them. It was really quite bizzare and fun in Jan pitching my little ol idea and shoes to independent retailers and finding myself with an accidental brand and business. Hey presto! Project jelly was born...but on a serious note fundraising for mencap is the core. We will always pledge to give as much as we can to charity and that starts with a big fat 25% of all our profits from this launch direct to mencap charity.

Why specifically did you decide to support Mencap? 
Mencap charity is really close to my heart and that of my collier family... my gorgeous sparkly sister in law Helen and her mummy Jackie the (MIL) x has received help and support all of her life.  Helen rocks and is my age 33 with a shoe fetish! I also wanted her to have her little moment in the spotlight. She deserves it as she lights up the room for many people in her carehome and community in Burgess Hill, Sussex.

What advice would you give a first time Mum?
Even after 2 gorgeous babies I always just wish someone told me to train as a comedian beforehand ;) I lost my sense of humour momentarily in those first few months... now I wish I could stop the clocks as they are growing too fast. Finally, embrace those curves and plumpcious boobies! Flaunt it while they last.

Aside from coffee what can you not live without?!
I should say living etc....fat glass of red and a jumbo croissant. BUT it's really bedtime with any of my collier crew and lots of wet kisses!

What is next for Project Jelly?
The Jellywagon is on a roll so were designing our next years limited editions and planning to Launch Super Cool Wellies again in aid of mencap this AW! Brand wise we are showing at Bubble London our first trade show in June. Linking up with Olive Loves Alfie for some Sumemr events hopefully squeeze a festival in too...

So there you have it. What a great story, and lovely product. I think the jelly shoes would make amazing presents, knowing that you are also donating 25% to a wonderful charity, you can feel super great about giving! Buy them here. I know what is on Stanley's christmas list this year too now - SUPER COOL WELLIES! Cannot wait to see them.

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