quiet mornings in bed with this one waiting for the sun to rise // happy amusing himself as long as there is a train or car involved // peek-a-boo with the boy in the mirror // we are laying down reclaimed parquet in our spare room, it's like your worst nightmare of a jigsaw puzzle // I baked apple bread, it was amazing and I will be baking more of it // this is where his hand is always placed when I read to him *heart melts* //


  1. Hi. I've been following you on Instagram and now just browsed your blog. I like your style and the fact that you like cats. I have 3 kids, my youngest is a 2 year old boy. He's a handful ... more so than my first two kids ever were. I was wondering if you could share where you buy your sons clothes from? Any online stores you like to order from?

    Have a great day.

    1. Hi Grace, Thanks for your comment, so glad you like my blog, AND you like cats!!
      I mainly buy Stanley's clothes from h&m, Marks and Spencer and sometimes next. I like H&M for basics and the clothes seem to be ok made. For a treat I really like Tootsa MacGinty. I can't always afford that, but there are certain things I think he'll get lots of wear from I'll buy from there, plus it is all unisex and as Stanley is my first child I feel it is important to buy as much as possible to hand down.
      Hope that helps. I try to label all the Stanley Style posts I do as to where the clothes come from so you can have a look for more inspiration there.

      All best wishes,

    2. Oh and I like mini boden too, but again for me that is a treat purchase or I wait for the sale....

  2. The sweetest thing! And that bread looks amazing! X

  3. Aw. that little hand is the sweetest thing I've seen so far this year! and I agree, that bread looks delicious! X

  4. I spy a Gruffalo! Our 14mth Mister G loves that book so much (I find myself saying to him all the time "where are you going to, little brown mouse?")

    I am hoping to find (read: make) more time for baking -- my last day in the office as a laywer is this Thursday and a change in career requires a change in spending habits too, so belts will be tightened and more will be homemade. Thanks for the inspiration!

    - Patricia


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