jumper - H&M // top {gift} - JOJO MAMAN BEBE // trousers - NEXT // tights - c/o LITTLE TITANS // teatowel - vintage

These posts on Stanley's clothes are set to turn a little different. From now on I hope to show a more thrifty style of fashion following on from my cutting back on toddler related crap for the year inspired by Hattie. I am a nightmare when it comes to buying things for Stanley. The bottom line is, I love buying him clothes, he looks good in it, there is some amazing stuff out there, it's expensive.
So from now on I"m going to be cutting back. In. A. Major. Way. In fact I noticed when dressing him up this morning (hello mumsnet, it's ok I know he's not a doll, it's just a turn of phrase) in a million layers to keep him warm in our freezing house, how much old stuff still fits him. He's not particularly small for his age, I'd say average really. Yet this morning I managed to get on the jumper and the jeans both saying age 9-12 months over a reusable nappy, tights, a vest and a long sleeved top. Plus he looks ok in the whole ensemble! So really I can eek out a lot more wear in the things he already has or look for bargains in charity shops and freecycle. I was very tempted yesterday to buy a few tops I've seen that I love, but seeing the price tag of about £20 a t-shirt I feel maybe that is too much for me. Being bombarded by all this cool stuff on blogs and IG makes me feel I need to own it. I don't. I am going to make more of my own designs though. The last project was an ok end result, and I have another idea up my sleeve to share with you soon...


  1. I too have become so much more conscious of how much I spend on Sage, in order to stay at home with her for longer. There are some incredible thrifty and vintage finds out there, it's just a matter of being open minded and knowing where to look. And they often look so adorable, no matter what they're wearing! x

  2. we're on the same page! wrote the same sort of thing yesterday about Theo's outfits, and it's actually crazy how much stuff he has, I'm a total sucker for constantly buying Theo bits here and there. But it needs to stop!

    Bring on the money saving!

  3. the face, the socks- killing me! so sweet and so cute.

  4. your son is adorable and i love this outfit! very inspiring idea to cut back.. my son is only 8 weeks old and i can't even begin to tell you how much clothing he has. i. need. to. STOP! ok, i said it. ;)

    great blog. found you through top baby blogs. will be following for sure! :)


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