Hello, I'm up to my eyeballs in work. Which is great, but I'm drinking a lot of tea (and of course eating too many biscuits as they go hand in hand...) and not really getting round to posting all the amazing DIY things I wanted to show you. Anyway I digress, hopefully I'll be able to do that later this week. For now I wanted to swing in and say I'm interviewed on this wonderful blog as part of National Storytelling Week. They are also hosting a giveaway on their facebook page where you can win a copy of my book 'The Girl with the Bird's Nest Hair'. So make sure you pop on over there, or to my facebook page and 'like' it so I can let you know the details later this week!


  1. The cover is absolutely beautiful and it reminds me of my sister, who has long, red, curly hair. :) Tea and biscuits seem to make everything easier don't they?


  2. Congratulations on all the work! Even when it's up to the eyeballs it's good, right? I love your style and am happy to have found your blog recently. xo

  3. Hi Sarah!
    I've just discovered your blog today, and most of my evening seems to have disappeared! I've been enjoying your pictures and words a lot :) I'm a mum and illustrator too, and have just started to get back into work recently. I'm amazed at how much you get done! Really inspiring stuff x

  4. I just purchased "The Girl With the Bird's-Nest Hair" and it's so charming! I especially love all the different birds. You are inspiring my artistic "reinvention"!! Thank you!!

  5. Wow, your book looks incredible! I will definitely be hunting this one down for my... sorry, I mean, the children's, collection. My blog started out as a little project to get me writing a children's book (a long-time pipe-dream of mine), but somewhere along the line that didn't quite happen! Still blogging though, which is just as fun. Lovely to have found your blog, I popped here via Abigail's. x


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