"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013"
Stanley: watching you sleep is my favourite way to waste time.

We are already rushing through the year and while it goes so quickly and this project, like so many have already mentioned, seems to highlight the speed of time when you have children. I am aware of how much you change in some areas and in some, not much at all. Sleep is an area I have always previously had so many battles with you. Yet now you are a dream. You enjoy it, not lots of it, but a simple day nap and going to bed seems an actual pleasure for you. Calling me along saying 'come on mummy' as you climb upstairs to collect a bedtime story. This image is stolen from your lunch nap, I hope you were dreaming happy things.

edit: I feature as one of the 'favourites' on the che & fidel blog from last week. feel very happy about that, so "hello" to anyone that has popped on over from there, hope you can stay a while :)


  1. nothing better than seeing a child sleeping ;) x

  2. I love watching my children fall asleep, when they are trying to fight it and their eyelids look so heavy.
    They seem to look more babyish when they are sleeping too.


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