waiting for my train 
Taking on a bit far too much. Sound familiar?

I have a tonne of work to do before Christmas arrives. I haven't really started Christmas shopping. Ben and my father both unhelpfully have December birthdays. I really need to have to finish off one two book ideas in the hope so that they become actual paid contracts in the New Year. I am almost ready with no where near having two new prints up in my etsy shop by the weekend next week. I have roughs planned am yet to start two other personalised animal prints that were supposed to hit the ideal time of the Christmas present buying rush. Don't even ask about those new cloud pillows. Hey ho (as Father Christmas would say), I guess there is nothing I can do about it, I really need to work longer days (like Father Christmas does.).  I've taken on a few days teaching and it is really so nice to be back which means a day illustrating my own stuff is wiped out and I'm quite tired knackered from the commute to London. But I really shouldn't feel like complaining, and I never do only occasionally do on here, it just suddenly felt like the whole treading water thing had slipped to some light drowning... Lets not even mention the lack of blog posts recently hey?!

So anyway I hope you can bear with me. I still intend to put up those prints in my shop sometime before the New Year next year is out so please keep checking back. I also hope to blog a little more, but that is perhaps definitely on the back burner while I keep up with all my illustration and general life stuff being a mum. Thanks for all hearing me out, and I really hope you don't mind hearing my woes. I'm sure I'm not the only one that struggles to juggle mamahood, Christmas, freelancing, showering, eating and being some sort of housewife EVERYTHING from time to time?!


  1. I love these posts! I'm about to pop out baby no2, and am minding my three year old daughter, and am in the midst of trying to pursue some kind of freelance job. Doing what? I don't know yet, and I already feel so disorganized its insane. I really admire you, and your work, and hope to one day have your level of success. It really helps to hear about your struggles, for real. Good job!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I feel your pain right now! Feel like my job title should be juggler! Thank you for making me smile with this post, your humour in the face of stress is encouraging :-)
    Nearly Christmas now, think we're due a break!!!

  3. don't forget about the eating part!!! you will make it through, i know it. merry christmas in advance!

  4. i feel your struggle. Why aren't there more hours in the day?


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