So how is it that my husband is out tonight on his 2nd out of 4, yes FOUR, Christmas parties, and despite the fact I appear to have been working my guts out recently I don't have a single work christmas party to go to? Stanley has been sh*t at organising something...and surely it is his job to organise something for me right? So motherhood is my new job, yet despite the hours I put in I don't even get the obvious night out of a Christmas party. This cannot be fair....right Mums? Anyway so you all don't start screaming bah humbug at the computer and leaving my blog in droves I'm leaving you with this little christmas sparkle in the form of Stanley singing "Twinkle twinkle Little Star" it looks like I've been training him for weeks, but I really haven't!

footnote: we haven't got round to decorating our tree yet, just flug up lights at it, but it is happening tomorrow - i'm not that minimal.


  1. oh my god sarah i love him! that is adorable!!

    we should all have a 'work' night out after christmas, mums on the taaaaawn!

  2. AW! such a sweet video. Well done Stanley! :)

  3. Awwwww - he's adorable!!!!

    And yes, you're right it isn't on! Although, i'm feeling very festive lucky this year as i have had (don't hate me) FOUR nights out lined up, but Dex is 7, so it's taken a while to get there! Anyway, nights in with mulled wine, christmas songs and presents to wrap is the new going out ;)

  4. oh Sarah he is amazing!! I agree with Abi, we need a 'work' night out in the new year xx


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