So those of you following my blog for a while know I'm a big fan of re-useable nappies as well as most things eco. I already purchased a mini set of Cheeky Wipes way back when I first decided to cloth nappy to go alongside them. Heck, if you are going to be washing nappies, you might as well save money, time and the environment and wash wipes too? Anyway I loved them straight away - they are a great size, have the texture of a flannel and remove all sorts of delights much better than a disposable wipe, which as I'm sure you know has sometimes the tendency to smear.... (Sorry to those of you eating lunch.) Anyway, as I loved them so much I decided to make my own wipes for clearing up faces (sometimes my own) and the high chair at mealtimes. I didn't want to use the same ones we used alongside the nappies and mix them all up. I'm sure it is totally fine, but you know, I just felt weird doing it! So my make shift muslin cloths did the job ok but weren't great like the Cheeky Wipes. So when the lovely people at Cheeky Wipes asked if I'd like a second complete set I jumped at the chance!

The set up is oh so simple, and I must have saved myself an absolute fortune as well by not using disposable wipes. It doesn't matter if you are not using cloth nappies, you can use these wipes and wash them alongside your/their clothes.

So you have yourself two boxes, a clean one and a mucky one and two essential oil blends. 25 lovely soft baby wipes. Two waterproof bags for out and about and a mesh bag for the 'mucky' box. All you do is put about 2-3cm of water in the Fresh Wipes container with a few drops of the essential oil blend then pop your wipes in to soak up the water.

Put some water in the Mucky Wipes container and some drops of the other essential oil. Hook the clever little mesh bag over the green hooks and Voila! Away you go!

They can be washed anywhere from 30-70 degrees and then you just chuck them back in the box and carry on. I mainly wash mine with Stanley's clothes on a 30-40 wash and they seem fine to me! Every now and then I might throw them in with my towels or bed linen on a higher heat just to keep them hygenic.

Seriously though they are that easy. It's the sort of thing I'm surprised I don't see more people doing. I don't know about you but as a Mum there isn't a lot of spare cash floating around and I'd much rather be buying myself a nice coffee when some little thing ::ahem, that's you Stanley:: has woken me up at 5 am than waste my money on another pack of disposable wipes! So please check out their website and put it on yours or your child's Christmas list! Hohoho!

see, this is us enjoying cake instead of wasting money of disposable wipes....

hmmmm, messy business this cake eating

phew! all clean and back to playing thanks to cheeky wipes 

This IS a sponsored post, but I hope you know me well enough to know I only review products I have, or like, and that fit in with the ethos of my blog. All opinions are my own. I'm real clever like that :)

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