Inspired by all the healthy loveliness going on over at Drea's blog and a recipe I found here. I decided to whip up something I hoped mister Stanley would enjoy...
So to make the tofu burgers you will need the following ingredients below as well as a bit of oil and some flour. I followed roughly the measurements set out in the recipe but freestyled a bit with what I had which was basically less of everything she suggests, but it still made a load of burger mix!

Firstly blanch the broccoli until done and fry the spring onion with the mushrooms and garlic until soft.

I found I had to whizz it up in two batches as it was too much for my smallish blender to handle. The mixture is a good consistency and needs no egg to hold it together. Lots of other vegetables would work well in here too - sweetcorn, peppers, spinach, kale etc.

Form into lovely patties and dust lightly with flour.

Fry for a few minutes either side until warmed through and brown on both sides.
I also froze a few in pairs for future. I made about 9 burgers from this recipe. Pretty simple and a good one to be adapted too!

Needless to say Stanley didn't like them, he ate one mouthful and half spat out the second mouthful. I will try them on him again in a week or so time. It is amazing really that I can add together ALL the things he really likes and make it into something he doesn't. Ho hum.

On a better note though my husband LOVED them, so at least they didn't go to waste. As a grown up dinner they'd be lovely with a bit of rice and some oriental style greens. Mmmmmm Stanley you don't know what you're missing!


  1. Maybe because Hooper hates most of the ingrediants he'll like them all together. Now wouldn't that make for a good laugh!


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