we went to not one, but two jubilee parties over the last two days. stanley was in his element all weekend being the centre of attention. this little mister has really come into his own recently and just loves to show off. i'm finding him particularly funny at the minute too. we are such little buddies it's lovely - i feel i really understand him which maybe sounds like a daft thing to say but i know that little ones get so frustrated at times and the tears come all too easily when he doesn't feel like he can communicate what he means. his language is coming along well too. he is learning words every day which never ceases to amaze me... i will do a post soon about that.
in the meantime before i post hundreds of photos from our wet parties i thought i'd leave you with stanley showing off his dance moves.... hope you all had fun celebrating the Queen's diamond jubilee.

PS if you could take a second to VOTE that'd be just ace. Thanks xoxo


  1. This is so cool Sarah! LOVE dancing Stanley! (I'm having a go at de-lurking and commenting on blogs I like...feeling a bit shy at the mo, but seems to be going OK at the mo...!)

    1. haha i used to be such a lurker too...i don't think there's anything wrong with that though. i only comment when i have something i really want to say. it seems pointless otherwise to just repeat what other people may have already said! you're website looks great by the way - very smart. I'm glad to see you'll be at MADE again this year i'll be down to see you xx


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