very nicely thank you. no silver bells or cockle shells but instead lots of pretty things all coming to life. i can't however claim any credit. i'm a bit of a fair weather gardener. the mister is the green fingered one. i do love having the garden though, for Stanley to play in and also to grow a few bits and pieces. there is nothing nicer than brining into the kitchen to eat something you have just taken form the garden only a minute ago and grown from seed. very exciting!

1&2. Apricot tree with ACTUAL apricots growing this year!
2&3. Pretty painted garage and shed.
4&5. purple sprouting brocoli and salad leaves.
6&7. rose bush and pigeon watching over the veg plot.
8&9. home for the insects and home for the birds.
10&11. from above, garage top planting and hidden composter.

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